Vote for SHADOW AND BONE’s The Darkling in YA Crush Tourney

(credit: Sabra)

(credit: Sabra)

Now that The Darkling has defeated Dante Walker, he has been pitted against Under the Never Sky‘s sexy, hot-headed, and vulnerable Peregrine, or Perry, in Round 2 of this year’s YA Crush Tourney.

You can vote for The Darkling now right here.


Vote for The Darkling in the 2013 YA Crush Tourney

(credit: Sabra)

(credit: Sabra)

The Darkling will be representing the Shadow and Bone series in the YA Crush Tourney, so it’s time to show our support and vote for him!  He’s up against Dante from The Collector.

Emily from Falling for YA will be giving the argument in favor of The Darkling and why we should vote for  him.  Here’s some of what she points out:

The Darkling is the ultimate bad boy

 “He had a sharp beautiful face, a shock of thick black hair, and clear gray eyes that glimmered like quartz. I knew that the more powerful Grisha were said to live long lives, and Darklings were the most powerful of them all. But I felt the wrongness of it and I remembered Eva’s words: He’s not natural. None of them are”

We see something in him that is reflected in ourselves. Those dark thoughts that creep in to your soul at night, the loneliness that overtakes when we are truly alone, the longing to change the world for good or better, to leave a mark. The Darkling feels those same things.

The Darkling is:
♥ Powerful
♥ Complex
♥ Lonely
♥ Sexy
♥ Deep
♥ Charming
♥ He is the villain we love to love!
To read the whole article on The Darkling and to VOTE, click here!