Morozova’s Collar: One Fan’s Stunning Homemade Design

While HebelDesign has an amazing Shadow and Bone collection, alltheladiesyouhate on tumblr was looking for something unique for her Alina Starkov cosplay outfit. So she went to work and created her own Morozova’s Collar using air dry clay. Let’s just say it has quite the effect!


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If this is just one part of the costume, we can’t wait to see the whole thing!


Tumblr Fan Art Contest for SHADOW AND BONE Author Leigh Bardugo’s Signing


(Alina by mseregon, Legend by Marie Lu, Korra by Erica, The Walking Dead by Brian Robot Jameson

As we stated in a previous post, Leigh Bardugo will be at the Barnes & Noble book store at the Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 26th, with Legend author Marie Lu, Avatar and Legend of Korra creator Mike DiMartino, and The Walking Dead Co-EP Seth Hoffman.  If you’re attending (which I hope to try myself) and you like drawing, then you might be interested in this contest by New Leaf Literary:

Hello Fellow Tumblrites!  We here at New Leaf had an AWESOME idea that spawned from an AWESOME event that is happening next week (I seriously can’t wait—the fangirl in me is wigging out!).  You see, creative geniuses Michael DiMartino, Marie Lu, Seth Hoffman and Leigh Bardugo are getting together on a panel to discuss the incredibly rich worlds that they have worked on…(you might recognize some of these)
….and how their work and/or creative processes have evolved in the age of social media—where fans have direct access to the artists they admire and have the resources to create fantastic art and stories inspired by others.  (Which is, in my opinion, freaking awesome.) So in turn, we had an idea that involves the amazing and talented fans out there: a tumblr fanart contest!
Using the hashtag #PowerofFandom we invite you to create a piece of fanart that encompasses something from each of the panelists’ work.  Be creative!  Make it fun!  Anyone can enter!

How cool is that?!  Of course, this type of crossover may need some out-there creativity, as you it’s not generally known that characters from Avatar or Legend of Korra frequent the lots of The Walking Dead.  However, artists tend to have a very creative mind anyway.

So, get at it, and post it on Tumblr!  They might get it signed for you and even shower you with other gifts as well.  Who knows when it comes to these authors.

For all the details about the contest, go here.

SHADOW AND BONE Fan Art: “Mal and Alina” by Vindictev

Another book that I’ve come to adore recently, and of which I’m impatiently awaiting the sequel to, is Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.  Here’s something simple and oh-so-sweet of two characters in the novel, and they are perfect for each other.

If you haven’t read this book yet, I do highly recommend it.  It’s a unique piece of YA literature that that author created a new world for and a strong world full of culture and depth and color.  

Book two of the Shadow and Bone trilogy, titled Siege and Storm, will be released on June 4, 2013, which is less than a month away, and is now available for pre-order.

Art by Vindictev

Grisha Fan Art: Grisha by Momocha

A Klimt-inspired piece, which was beautifully done.

Grisha Fan Art: Morozova’s Herd by Momocha

Art by Momocha

Check out more art by Momocha at Deviantart.